Senior Web Programmer

Work From Home 

FULL-TIME is an e-learning company that provides online courses to help everyday people start and grow their own businesses. Our mission is to help all Entrepreneurs and Businesses reach their Growth Potential with proven Strategies, Techniques and Technologies.

We are looking to hire an expert Full Stack Senior Web Programmer.

Example Daily Tasks:

  • Complex PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript related work;
  • WordPress Plugin Development & Configuration;
  • Developing mobile landing pages;
  • WordPress sites setup;
  • Installing and configuring specific plugins;
  • Posting Data from forms on our site to email systems and other databases/CRM;
  • Funnel creation with visual editors based tools;
  • Photoshop editing when required;
  • Video editing;

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Available on skype (when needed) and Must work exclusively for us;
  • Very Dependable, Reliable;
  • Honest and Very Trustworthy;
  • Own a powerful computer (ideally with 2 monitors for dual display);
  • Have a fast and reliable Internet connection;
  • Must record a daily video up to 10mins before you finish each day, that will show me what they worked on for the day and the results you achieved;
If your someone that can deliver HIGH quality work and you are an expert in the above areas then please apply now.

You will be required to proactively Figure out the Best solutions to all our programming/technical/non-technical challenges we give you on an ongoing basis and impress us daily.

How we will communicate:

We will communicate with you (if we need to), via Recorded screen capture videos to show you what we need done. These videos will be uploaded to your dropbox and then we will email you asking you to watch the video and complete our requirements.

It is mandatory that Each day, you record a video before you finish work that visually reports to me with your voice, a summary of what you did for the day and the results that you achieved.