Meet Krishaan Chandra

Hi, I'm Krishaan. I am the CEO and Founder of Business Accelerator System.

I’d like to share my story with you.

I grew up in Australia to a normal, working-class family. Back in 2001, when I graduated from University, all I knew was to keep my head down, live frugally, and pursue the traditional white-collar path of university into a corporate job.

When I landed my first Full-Time "Job", I became my family's “Success” story, based on their measures of success.

My measure of success back then was actually inherited from everyone else's measures of success. I thought you “made it” if you were in an air-conditioned nice corporate office, and worked for a big company.

I thought I was doing pretty well, But....  I Kept thinking "THIS CAN'T BE IT"

As I gazed out my office cubicle window and saw the 300 days of beautiful sunshine that I was missing, I just kept thinking, this can’t be all there is to life….

I knew within, I could not live the rest of my life like this! I knew I could not accept being average or mediocre.  I knew I had limitless potential, that I was born to explore.

I knew I could Not live the same way, 365 days a year for the next 50 years, and call it a fulfilling life. I knew I could Not conform.

It wasn’t the hard work that I had a problem with. I love hard work. It was the lack of having Freedom and Lifestyle.

Being told when I can and can’t take a break, eat, go to the gym, take a vacation, simply did not sit well with me.

I wanted to work as I choose, and have the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere, anytime, for however long, without asking anyone's "permission".

I just knew if I continued down the corporate full-time career path for a company, I would be capped in my earning potential, I would trade my valuable time for money and more importantly I would be building someone else's vision, and their asset.

So I Set Out To Do Something About It...

I quit my Full-Time Job after a year, back in 2001. I left the corporate life and never looked back on this decision.

I tried Multiple Different Business Models... and...


I tried, Failed. Tried again, Failed harder.  I kept trying and kept failing.  One time at the age of 23, I tried a venture, and I failed sooo bad it put me in a 6 Figure Massive debt.  

At this point, I was completely wiped out! 

Debt at any age is not a good feeling. At 23, when all your friends are buying new cars, buying a homes, and here I was, No car, No furniture, No Belongings, on the verge of bankruptcy.  I remember all I had, was an old suit case given by my grandfather, some clothes, and that's it!

It was the worst feeling I have ever had and I would never forget that time in my life.

Despite how tough this situation was, I never quit. I kept pushing in the direction of Entrepreneurship.  It is what I wanted, and I knew this in my Core!

“It’s not about the end goal, it’s about who you become by consistently pushing to the edge of your limits.” 

Robin Sharma

“Become one of the rare people who don’t know how to quit.”  

Robin Sharma

Fast forward to now, I Built, Scaled My Businesses (to up to $10,000 and more net days) and Sold Several Businesses that I owned and operated.

I managed a team of up to 22 team members. I have also helped many businesses add millions of dollars to their bottom line. 

Most importantly, I have been blessed with the flexibility to enjoy many amazing experiences, because of the Lifestyle and Freedom I created for myself.


I believe that leading with Results, is more powerful than "theory" because true leadership is defined by results, and not attributes.

I have however, been asked by some members/students if I can share my third party accreditations, to demonstrate business acumen. For those specifically who want to know my "formal" credentials here they are:

  • Fellowship Status as a Certified Practicing Accountant (FCPA®)
  • Certified Professional Business Analyst (CPBA®)
  • Certified Business Process Manager (BPM®)
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB™)
  • Certified Agile Scrum Master (CASM®)
  • Bachelor of Electronic Commerce (IT & Accounting)

I am a Strong believer that my "informal" educational material that I have consumed and invested multiple 6 figures over the years, have been the Direct reason for All the transformations in my life.

I look forward to helping you accelerate your business, and achieve massive success!

- Krish

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